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Software Application for Monitoring And Disposal, Handling of Apprehended/Existing Industrial Dispute
Acts and Rules
Issues Applicable Act
  • • Less payment,
  • • Non-payment of overtime,
  • • Non-payment of allowance like allowance for working at height, working in tunnel, working at hill station/ winter allowance.
The Minimum wages Act, 1948
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  • • Non-payment,
  • • Unauthorized deduction,
  • • Non-payment of displacement allowance.
The Payment of wages Act, 1936
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  • • Less payment and discrimination on account of gender to the female and transgender.
The Equal remuneration Act, 1976
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  • • Non Payment of Gratuity
  • • Delay Payment of Gratuity
  • • Less Payment of Gratuity
The Payment of gratuity Act, 1972
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  • • Non-receipt of maternity benefit.
  • • Illegal termination during the period of maternity leave.
The Maternity benefit Act, 1961
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  • • Individual workman can raise dispute for illegal termination.
  • • And group of workman can raise dispute with chatter of demand, regulation of service, bonus.
The Industrial dispute Act, 1947
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