श्रमिकों के लिए न्याय
Justice For Workmen Made Simple Easy & Quick
Software Application for Monitoring And Disposal, Handling of Apprehended/Existing Industrial Dispute
  • 1. User Friendly:

    Workers & other stakeholder can raise their dispute/file complaint and claim round the clock and can check status of their case through the portal without visiting the office.

  • 2. Reduce confusion of multiple labour laws by single platform:

    This portal reduces confusion of multiple statutory forms under different labour laws to raise industrial dispute and other grievances by making all these statutory forms available in the portal at single point.

  • 3. Brings transparency:

    The portal ensures transparency through online documentation, centralized monitoring and easy access of user to check status of their case.

  • 4. Reduce disposal time:

    Movement of files & correspondence through online/ digital platform saves lots of time. Further, on request of workman, casesof illegal termination falling under Section 2-A of Industrial Dispute Act are directly referred to CGIT after lapse of 45 days before Conciliation officer which would reduce the time taken in manual application for redressal.It also enables automatic distribution of disputes to the concerned Conciliation Officers and make dispute redressal faster.

  • 5. Centralized Monitoring:

    It gives a bird’s eye view of the status of cases files, disposed of, pending, implemented, including statistics and thus strengthens the monitoring system.